The Swifthouse


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The SWIFTHOUSE is a full-service warehouse fulfillment company. Specializing in e-commerce prep services (FBA, pick/pack), shipping & receiving, inventory management & storage, we facilitate the logistics for businesses to maximize efficiency and growth.



  We all know the saying. “If you are working IN your business, you are not working ON your business.” Leave the labor and logistics to us and allow yourself more time to do the high impact tasks that only you can do. We combine speed and accuracy in ways that few fulfillment centers do. Our staff is tenured and career oriented. That experience is an asset to your business.




     We offer the full A-Z suite of receiving, prepping, storing and pick/pack your item to ship to your customer directly. Amazon is king and FBA is great, but dont miss out on other venues including Walmart, eBay and your own shopify store. This helps you not only diversify from one revenue stream but also reach a broader customer base while often paying significantly less referral fees than Amazon. Many clients choose to list their product on Amazon as both FBA and also FBM to help prevent dreaded stock outs which can tank sales rank and revenue



     Often our clients dont plan to store their items. But Amazon quantity limits can change and so can your sales forecasts. We offer the piece of mind that we can store your items until they are ready to be worked on. We work together to help you grow your business without the need to move your inventory around.




     From day one, we will work with you as a partner, to aid in the growth of your business. A dedicated Account Executive will be assigned to your account to manage everything from logistic optimization, to shipment tracking, and billing. At the core of our business, we focus on doing the best for our customers. Our symbiotic relationship means the better your business does, the better we do. Most importantly, we value transparency and communication. You will always know what we are doing for you, and we are always here for your questions.



   At Swifthouse, we believe that being globally responsible means appreciating that there is a world beyond us. Fulfillment can generate a lot of waste if not done responsibly. We work to reuse boxes and packing materials wherever possible. This saves you money and prevents landfill build up. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” isn’t just a catch phrase to us. It is our way of doing business.

   We offer our staff competitive compensation with time off and work life balance.  We have a family atmosphere and do what we can to make this fun. Our employees are engaged, experienced, and most importantly, they care about your success. We are in this together.

The Swifthouse Global Responsibility